17th July 2010

Added new song named selfmade.exe to music section.

11th July 2010

Update after 4 years! YAY! ^___^
Mobile game Vlak was finally added to projects. There is still some stuff missing, for example my fantastic Pocket DDR game, however I'm not sure I will update projetcs page soon. Maybe in next 4 years... :-)
Added new song to music section. I'm now playing around with Little Sound DJ on GameBoy.

16th July 2006

Projects section has been added to the web, you can find informations about my latest projects there. Description and more info about my projects is comming soon, so stand by.

15th July 2006

Alpha version of this site has been launched. Great thanks goes to Yza who made some graphics and design for me. Music section is partially functional now, you can find some my tracks there. More sections are comming soon.